Misogynist and Misandrists Agree To Hate Each Other Till Death Do Us Part

Local couple who are confirmed misogynists and misandrists respectively we are informed are to be wed this weekend by misanthropic vicar. Friends of the family have voiced their concerns over the outcome of such a marriage for obvious reasons. The vicar who is to marry the misguided couple, Rev. Dave has a long history of hatred towards his fellow man and woman come to that. However, surprisingly enough not choirboys a parish gossip was happy to confirm.

The couple, who have hated each other from a distance for the past 8 years, only agreed via written correspondence to marry to dispel fears over their sexuality.

The wedding is due to take place at St Jesus Mary and Joseph Heaven Preserve Us, Church in Nuneaton this coming Saturday at 12.30. All wishing to celebrate the unhappy couple’s marriage have been told to not bother turning up. Aunty Betty on the groom’s side of the family confessed that it is a marriage doomed to fail. “He doesn’t know it yet but we think there is history of a low sperm count in the male side of the family and I am worried he will not be able to come up with any excuses to blame his future wife when he finds out. If that happens he will hate women even more than he does so already!”

One Response to “Misogynist and Misandrists Agree To Hate Each Other Till Death Do Us Part”
  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah, they’re always called ”Dave” an all

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