Children Shocked by Their Lack of Timing During Their Annual Camping Holiday.

The Hennessey children were disappointed for all the wrong reasons this year when they fell asleep during the long journey to summer camp. Mr and Mrs Hennessey were shocked at the outcome of the journey when all three children failed to ask “Are we there yet?”

“Brian and I take it in turns to drive the motor home to the camping site during the 60 mile journey. As such this leaves one of us to sit in the back of our motor home to try and entertain the children whilst the other drives. I have to admit we were both dreading this year’s trip as last year’s was a nightmare to say the least. We were shocked however, when all three fell asleep within minutes of our journey starting. The silence was bliss after all we have suffered so much over the years making this journey we were expecting the worst.” Mrs Hennessey confirmed.

The Hennessey’s children were moping about near a playground due to their lost opportunity to irritate their mum and dad some hours after arriving at their destination. Mary, Billy and Clive did however give up five minutes of their valuable sulking time to express their feelings on the matter. Clive who is the youngest of the children but the spokesperson all the same bemoaned the lack of action during the trip. “I think they may have put something in our drinks as we are normally wide awake and enjoy ourselves irritate our parents. All is not lost as I don’t think they are aware yet but I tied Trixie our pet dog to the motor home just as we were leaving for the trip. Let’s see who will be smiling when they discover the mess at the back of the vehicle!”

Looks like another enjoyable family outing is to be had by mum and dad this year.

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