Three Little Pigs In Derelict Digs Shame

The three little pigs have today been slapped with an injunction due to their habitual disregard to the town planning laws a council insider has confirmed. The pigs have until now have been successful in repeatedly running away from being served notice by B B Wolf Associates. The injunction was, we can confirm served today at a property they are currently living at near Brick Lane. We have asked for an interview but they were unavailable to speak to us regarding the recent injunction.

Mr Rufus Wolf, who runs the bailiff company dealing with the matter was happy to talk about the case to us. “This has been a long, tedious affair to say the least. we have tried to serve the injunction on the three pigs for some time now. Unfortunately, the instant we uncover one illegally built building they disappear in the night and are soon hiding out in yet another of their illegal properties. As for the abuse I have suffered during all of this it has been unbelievable. Their name calling and teasing is totally unwarranted. Every time I go near them they keep referring to their ‘Chinny Chin Chin’ what ever that is supposed to mean god only knows. Having said all that I must admit I did jump at the chance of sinking my teeth into this case after all it isn’t often one gets to chase three reprobates pigs around the county. However, saying that nearly being burnt in a huge pot of boiling water was for me the last straw.”

So far three properties have been condemned and duly knocked down. However, the catalogue of illegally built houses appears to be considerably higher and investigators state it may be some time before the true number of buildings is known. As well as the injunction we have been informed that the local council is seeking to serve Anti- Social Behaviour Order’s (ASBO’s) on all three in order to stop any future construction work as well as abuse happening again.
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    you daft bugger…

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