‘People Are Jealous Of My House!!’ claims MP

Conservative MP Anthony Steen has announced that he will not stand in the next General Election, claiming his critics are jealous of him because he has a “Very very large house!”. Mr Steen, MP for Totnes in Devon compared the current expenses outrage to an episode of Coronation Street. GNT believe that Mr Steen is … Continue reading

Breaking News Stories From Around The Globe

Gay soldiers have confirmed today that they are ready to mount a rear guard action against discrimination. Top Papa New Guinean scientist not too happy about being head hunted. A Chain archaeologist in America Claims He Has Found the missing link

D.O.P.E Den is announced

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has responded quickly to reports from GNT that he was preparing to set up an illegal drug den within 10 Downing Street. The PM’s press officer, Humphrey Dumphrey, has announced that the PM will be adding an extension to Downing Street to set up a new Department to investigate MP’s expenses. … Continue reading

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: PM in ‘Dope Den’ Expenses Claim!!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! GNT reporters have recovered shocking news that Gordon Brown has today filled in an expenses form requesting a ‘Dope Den’ to be built within 10 Downing Street. GNT can only guess at the reasons for such a strange request, considering the public outrage over MP’s claims for expenses. Perhaps the Prime Minister wants … Continue reading

MP Claims ‘Duck Island’ In expenses

The MP expenses scandal continues to role out more shocking claims. Tory MP Sir Peter Viggers admited to claiming £1,645 for a ‘duck island’ for his garden pond. GNT investigators have gained photographic evidence of the alleged ‘duck island’ which apparently shows members of the Royal Family shooting at paparazzi journalists. You can clearly see … Continue reading

Pop Diva Lady GaGa New Hygiene Product In Shops Today

Children Shocked by Their Lack of Timing During Their Annual Camping Holiday.

The Hennessey children were disappointed for all the wrong reasons this year when they fell asleep during the long journey to summer camp. Mr and Mrs Hennessey were shocked at the outcome of the journey when all three children failed to ask “Are we there yet?” “Brian and I take it in turns to drive … Continue reading

Auditions Start For ‘ Elton John The Musical ‘

Brains Behind The Tamil Tigers Found

Conspiracy theorists have voiced their suspicions for sometime now regarding the real leader of the Tamil Separatist movement. And now we can confirm a special investigatory team have uncovered, that a well known breakfast cereal logo may have been the real brains behind the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), commonly known as the Tamil … Continue reading

Misogynist and Misandrists Agree To Hate Each Other Till Death Do Us Part

Local couple who are confirmed misogynists and misandrists respectively we are informed are to be wed this weekend by misanthropic vicar. Friends of the family have voiced their concerns over the outcome of such a marriage for obvious reasons. The vicar who is to marry the misguided couple, Rev. Dave has a long history of … Continue reading

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