Great Hope For Bumblebee Population Not The First Past The Post

A bumblebee which was extinct in the UK but reintroduced from New Zealand was killed in a rolled up newspaper attack outside a pub in Great Yarmouth experts have confirmed.
The short-haired bumblebee was exported from the UK to New Zealand in the late 19th Century however; it was last seen in the UK in 1988.

Ken Stott, Natural England’s acting chairman, said; “Bumblebees are suffering unprecedented international declines. They play a key role in maintaining food supplies due to their ability to pollinate crops. We have to do all we can to sustain the diversity of bee species. As such, a short haired bumblebee was released into the wild at the weekend.”

Unfortunately all hopes of the team were soon shot down after bad news was reported just some hours after the release was made near the Norfolk Coast.

The death of bumblebee 234/57b was reported via a tiny microscopic tracker, on its body. When the team arrived at the last place a signal was transmitted from, their fears were soon confirmed as true. “We arrived outside the Red Lion Public House at 5.30 yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately we found the remains of bumblebee 234/57b near an empty pint glass and a rolled up Racing Post newspaper and a scrunched up betting slip.” Mr Stott stated.

Frank Highland a frequent visitor to the pub confirmed that he had killed the bumblebee with his newspaper that afternoon. “I was just finishing my fourth pint of beer when I could hear a droning noise. I had just lost £70.00 on a horse and wanted to be left alone with my thoughts. All of a sudden I was being buzzed by this insect and couldn’t help myself and swatted it.” We informed Mr Highland of the implications this singular act may have had on the future of the bumblebee population. “Look I feel sorry about what has happened but I guess it was just the wrong time and place for the little fellow to fly into my life.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    and nice to see the multi-talented Mr Stott is alive and kicking..

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