Jesus on Marmite Jar Actually Rock Legend Instead

After the recent publicised sighting of Jesus in a jar of Marmite, the dead spirit of rock legend Frank Zappa has come out in the press and blasted media hype and inaccuracy. The former rock star this morning spoke out in a disembodied way to ask why it is always claimed to be Jesus on these products when in fact it is actually him.

Talking to press in a small function room at the Hard Rock Café in London, Frank confirmed “I have to admit if I was going to appear anywhere I can assure you I wouldn’t be seen dead in a jar of Marmite. But saying that I have appeared on so many things over the last year or two and time and time again Jesus always gets the publicity”.

Press from across the world tried to squeeze into the function room in order to listen more clearly to what he had to say. Frank who appeared before the press in the form of a bright golden light just above the small shrine to former rock legends, stated, “It is disappointing to yet again have to endure further disappointment over being mistaken for the son of god. The image you people claim is him could just as easily be me. This smells clearly of media bias and it has to stop now.” Frank boomed in a gravel voiced way.

Frank at this stage was getting more and more irate by the international press, pressing him to sing a song to prove he was who he claimed he was and not in fact Jesus in disguise. He wouldn’t sing any of his hits; however he did confirm if his image continues to be mistaken for the son of god he will seek legal advice on the matter.

One Response to “Jesus on Marmite Jar Actually Rock Legend Instead”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This made me smile inside..

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