High Temperatures Cause Near Miss In Book Shop Sales

Boarders book shop in Brighton was suddenly a hive of activity yesterday when a sales assistant had reportedly seen a customers hand waver momentarily over a book by the author Salman Rushdie.

The assistant, who has been working in the shop for the last 4 years and by all accounts, has a keen eye for a quick sale. Karen confirmed, “I was just replacing stock in the shelves when my attention was drawn towards a particular section of the shop that is usually devoid of customers. I could hear a playful tune being whistled over to the left of me near a display of Mr Rushdie’s tomes. To be honest with you I thought to myself good god do you know what you are doing! As I observed the customer I clearly saw his outstretched hand reach over towards the display and like a majestic kingfisher his hand appeared to hover in slow motion over one of Mr Rushdie’s books. Then within seconds he had quickly withdrawn his hand and hurried out of the shop.”

Staff and security from the shop raced out into the busy street to try and stop the mystery buyer to see if he was alright but unfortunately he was lost amongst the throngs of busy shoppers. Experts in the book world have claimed that the customer may have been lulled into a false state of buying due to high temperature that day and a serious lack of taste.

2 Responses to “High Temperatures Cause Near Miss In Book Shop Sales”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. I did Read 'Midnight's Children' as part of my English Lit degree and i think i enjoyed it (it's a while ago now), what i can't understand about him is how he gets such young babes as girlfriends- must be the money and fame that negates his somewhat homely features…

  2. Anonymous says:

    "like a majestic kingfisher his hand appeared to hover in slow motion over one of Mr Rushdie’s books". haha i like this line..

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