Ronnie Biggs Under Investigation Over Further Train Robberies

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs who had been formally released from prison after being granted freedom on compassionate grounds is rumoured to be under arrest today.

Biggs, originally from Lambeth, south London, was a member of a 15-strong gang which attacked the Glasgow to London mail train at Ledburn, Buckinghamshire, in August 1963, and made off with £2.6m in used banknotes.The train’s driver, Jack Mills, suffered head injuries during the robbery.

Biggs was given a 30-year sentence, but after 15 months he escaped from Wandsworth prison, in south-west London, by climbing a 30ft wall and fleeing in a furniture van.

He was on the run for more than 30 years, living in Australia and Brazil, before returning to the UK voluntarily in 2001 in search of medical treatment.

He was sent to Belmarsh high-security prison on his return before being moved to a specialist medical unit at Norwich Prison. However, we have been informed that Mr Biggs is under arrest following investigation that during an out of body experience Mr Biggs had hijacked a children’s coin operated train ride and made off with £3.50 in takings.

Mary Christian from West Yorkshire, who’s daughter was a victim of one of these crimes spoke out about the matter. “We were visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach when my youngest daughter pestered me to allow her on a coin operated ride outside the Foxhall pub. I had only just put my 50 pence piece in the machine and turned my back when I suddenly heard my daughter scream out. As I turned she was sitting on the floor next to the machine crying and she had a nasty pump on her head. The box containing the machines money was found to be open and its contents gone.”

Both the Metropolitan Police and Interpol are investigating a string of similar robberies at fairgrounds and amusement arcades across Europe. Chief Inspector Corner of Scotland Yard confirmed that Mr Biggs is under suspicion even though he is seriously ill in hospital. After a spate of similar robberies both here and abroad on children’s train rides we believe that they are too professional to be by just a common thief.

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