France and Germany Exit Recession Comfort For Britain (Not)

As France and Germany exit the recession the British public asks why they are still in its grip. Sadly they quickly realise that Gordon Brown is still the British Prime Minister. Leading economists have declared the news deplorable.

Sir Reginald Bladder COE of Charters Markers and Bling spoke out at the injustice of it all as he took time out from his annual ball at his stately home in Sussex. “Well what can one say it’s a damn shame all those frogs and krauts benefiting from their reprieve in the economic crisis. I want to know when we are going to share in their good fortune after all money is tight at the moment. This year I have been forced to live on a measly £7 million bonus on top of my £5 million annual salary.”

“The Germans have Angela Merkel showing her breasts off and the French have Nicolas Sarkozy with his beautiful wife Carla Bruni, no wonder they are doing well. All we have a slacked jawed, tight fisted Scottish Man running the country, we are doomed!” William Douglas, Newcastle.

“We won the war in 1945 and look at us now we may as well had thrown our lot in with Hitler. At least I could have loosened my belt like the French and Germans.” Max Oswald, Mossleyhill.

“I think the Prime Ministers handling of the countries finances as chancellor was a disgrace. Due to his incompetence it is harder than ever to find a cardboard box to sleep in now purchases at retailers are down. Do you want to buy the Big Issue?” Keith Chegwin, no fixed abode.

The Prime Minister, who is on a thrifty holiday doing voluntary work denied that his choice has anything to do with a lack of funds as he merely, wishes to see how the plebs live.

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