Corruption Fears Over Afghan Poll

Voting cards are being offered for sale in Afghanistan as the presidential election approaches, an undercover investigation finds. The elections due to take place have come under close scrutiny after an investigation uncovered the open selling of voting cards in many parts of Afghanistan.

We managed to buy a handful of cards and have been shocked to find that rigged voting cards from the George Bush/ Al Gore presidential elections in 2000 are being sold as well as the missing voting cards from the recent controversial Iranian elections. Thousands of voting cards have been offered for sale and thousands of dollars offered in bribes to buy votes.

The findings came as campaigning closed before Thursday’s election, in which President Hamid Karzai faces more than 30 challengers. Former President George Bush was delighted to hear that he may be in the running for a future presidency as he has grown tired recently of having nothing to do all day. “After Dick had his shooting rifle taken away from him it just hasn’t been the same.” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, confirmed his concern over the matter and commented that he had thought such evidence had been appropriately dealt with.

Nick Griffin of the British National Party was we can confirm, happy that none of his candidates who failed in the last European elections this year saw their voting papers being openly sold on the black market in Afghanistan, as according to him “that would be so wrong”.

2 Responses to “Corruption Fears Over Afghan Poll”
  1. i read recently that the current Afghan prime minister has brought in a law that makes it legal for men to starve their wives if they refuse them sex…. you couldn't make it up!!!

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