Britain Fights Back At Nigerian Scammers

Nigerian internet scammers have secretly complained to the African Congress that British people are no longer playing the game it can be confirmed today. Representatives of some of the worlds worst internet scammers, embezzlers and cheats are disgruntled over the increase in email scams hitting their in boxes from Britain. They are furious at the amount of emails received stating they too have won the lottery or have the opportunity to make millions on shares in gold or diamond mines anymore.

National statistics released by British Police have confirmed that such incidents are at an unprecedented high confirmed Police spokesman Ken Stott.

“For a number of years now British citizen has stupidly fallen for internet scams originated in Africa particularly in and around Nigeria. Unfortunately old age pensioners have been hit the worst with such scams closely followed by, gullible single or divorced women who find rich attractive boyfriends on dating sites. In the vast majority of cases the recipient is fleeced of thousands and thousands of pounds over a sustained period of time.”

Now it appears the worm has turned and the police are at a loss as to how to stop the tide of emails being sent from British soil to Nigeria.

“Various clues indicate it could possibly be old aged pensioners sending the majority of scam emails to the African continent. The investigation continues and is likely to take some time to investigate further.”

Dr Chiwetel Omotoso who often sends email from his office was very upset when our investigator met him at a secret location in Nairobi. “This is so unfair my in box is saturated with messages asking everyday for help in transferring money, buying shares, lottery winning tickets and help with my love pump. It’s just not right I’ve never sent anyone an email asking if they want their garter snake to grow into a boa constrictor so why should they?”

Our own private investigation has confirmed that the Metropolitan Police are concentrating the enquiries in the London area. It is believed that thousands of email messages from a singular internet address who are using the names Phil and Betty. The pair we believe are old age pensioners operating in and around the Buckingham Palace area of the capital.

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