China Clamps Down On Llamas At City Zoo

Llamas are bringing a law suit against his holiness the Dali lama over claims that they are being persecuted by over zealous Chinese security forces at a zoo in Beijing.

The problem occurred when Beijing’s Zoos Llama house was brutally put down by secret police and soldiers of the Red Army. The managers at the zoo, as well as four Llamas have been taken in for questioning over the matter.

Representatives of the group of Llamas caught up in the mealy blame his holiness the Dali Lama for their recent woes. They state the friction has been caused due to his penchant for inflammatory speeches about China’s poor human rights as well as a lack of education amongst local officials who are unable to spell or read.

We were unable to contact the group directly as they were being placed through the Chinese judicial system. An expert on China’s law confirmed it wasn’t looking good for those arrested particularly the four Llamas. “If they don’t tell their interrogators what they want to hear then it could be curtains for them all. Have you ever seen Llama curtains they are terrible?”

The Dali Lama has called on the world to pray for the Beijing Four as they are now being called. He has however, denied he dresses up in fur and walks around on all fours spitting at anyone who gets too close to him.

The world’s political leaders have yet to condemn the recent brutal arrest. One expert on such affairs explained. “When it comes down to it Llamas are not a valuable commodity. As such I doubt anyone country will want to jeopardise the lucrative trade they already have in place with China.

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