The Sun No Longer Backs Gordon Brown: Other Planets Soon To Follow BBC’s Andrew Marr Confirms.

In a sudden shift of gravity the Sun newspaper has declared it no longer backs Gordon Brown and his policies. Sun readers who for years have been the cleavage between the two major political parties are up in arms over the lack of large breasted female politicians in Mr Brown’s cabinet.

The owner of the Sun newspaper, Rupert Murdoch refused to comment on the reasons behind this sudden shift in his newspapers support. However, ardent Sun reader Brendan Cole, 29 from South London had the following to say over the change. “It has been coming for a while now to be honest with you. Since he took over from Tony Blair we Sun readers have noticed a rapid decline in hot Babes not only in the Cabinet but also on Labour’s side of the House of Commons.

Andrew Marr the host of the BBC’s Sunday show confirmed he could tell this was about to happen on Sunday during his interview with the Prime Minister. “He was refusing to admit if he was on prescription drugs or not? A normal question to put to the Prime Minister as far as I am concerned! I knew then that something was about to eclipse the lack of substantial evidence I had to prove my accusations. Now to hear that the Sun has turned its back on the Prime Minister well I believe this exonerates my insistent bullying on my Sunday morning show. All it needs is for the other remaining constellations in our universe to follow suit and he’s a goner.”

The Conservative leader, David Cameron has welcomed the news with great delight. “We are after all “the party of change” and any financial help Mr Murdoch’s corporation can provide us the better. As for paying those loyal Sun readers back after we win the election, I am sure Ann Widdecombe will jump at the opportunity to appear as the first topless MP.”

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