Fears Over Airport X-Ray Machines Exposed

A human X-ray machine that produces “naked” images of passengers has started a trial at Manchester Airport.
The authorities say it will speed up security checks by quickly revealing any concealed weapons or explosives as well as speeding the uploading of funny X-Ray image to the internet.

The full body scans will however, it will also show up breast enlargements, body piercing and the outline of passengers’ genitals.
The airport has stressed that the images are not pornographic and will be destroyed as soon as all the staff have had a chance to pick their favourite images.

Jane Brown, head of customer experience at the airport, said “most passengers did not like the traditional “pat down” search. However we do have a hard core group of passengers who cannot get enough of it, details of which have been passed to the police.”

At Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2, where the machine has been introduced, passengers will no longer have to remove their coats, shoes and belts as they go through security checks.

Ms Barrett said: “This scanner completely takes away the hassle of needing to undress. Having said that, any passengers heading out for naturist holidays will still be able to continue to fully disrobe should the impulse take them.

Ms Barrett said the black and white image would only be seen by one officer in a remote location before it is deleted. We must admit we have had an overwhelming influx of applications for the job mainly from male staff.

The scanners cost £80,000 each. The Department for Transport will decide whether to install them permanently in about a year’s time. The scanners, made by PerviScan Systems, have already been tried out in New York, Los Angeles and Heathrow Airport, in 2004.

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