Desperate Hunt For Balloon Boy Ends But Leaves Original Balloon Boy Still Up In The Air

News of the recent dramatic search for a missing six year old in Colorado this week has brought home often hidden, bad feelings to the original balloon boy, Preston Crinch.

Preston who was born with an over inflated head that has the same qualities of a normal party balloon was feeling kind of low last night as he floated haphazardly in the autumnal sky near River Falls Nebraska.

Preston, we have been informed was sold to a carnival show when he was only five years of age by his aging parents. He did manage to escape however, after an accident in which a clown’s car hit the post of a hoopla tent in which he was fastened. The recent news of a boy in Colorado being called Balloon Boy was cause of much concern to Preston as he now feels he has been forgotten. Preston who spends the majority of his time floating up in the sky was pretty upset over the recent media attention the boy in Colorado had managed to attract.

“Don’t get me wrong I am glad this boy has been found alive and well but it is upsetting when I think back to how little attention my story received when I went missing recently. I think there should be parity when it comes to similar balloon boy related incidents. At the moment this child is getting far too much attention and way more than I ever did. I have not only struggled against strong head winds but also employment over the years. No doubt this other so called balloon boy will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show whilst I languish in a sky full of clouds and polluted air. After all what has he done other than hide in his bedroom? Has he ever been snagged on a chimney pot or a derelict tenement house in the projects?”

We left Preston to float away on the mid evening breeze and hope that he finds what he is looking for some day. Preston did not want paying for this interview but did ask that we inform our readers that he is available at good rates for children’s parties and corporate events.

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