Agassi Confession: Other Drug Using Sports Stars Come Clean

After the recent confession by Andre Agassi to his former addiction to Chrystal Meths another sporting star has announced they too had been drawn into the world of performance enhanced drugs.

The sporting world was shocked after Agassi’s shocking news. However, in an exclusive interview Olympic skier, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards has poured his heart out to The GNT about his very own addiction.

“I was at the height of my fame and notoriety and had to find a way to help me with the rigorous training I was expected to put myself through. It was at that moment I became addicted towards Kids Haliborange tablets.

I was approached by someone in my local gymnasium whilst I was training for the Winter Olympics. They offered me a way to help with my problems in keeping fit after I had fallen off a kiddie ride in Skegness and aggravated an old ankle injury. Once I took my first tablet I was hooked and towards the end of that year I was taking up to 10 tablets a day. I was like a freaking’ teenager bouncing off walls and talking ten to the dozen even in my sleep. In the end just like my Ski Jumping career it was all down hill after that. I hope others will learn from my mistakes and say no to kids Haliborange. After all everyone knows Adult Hilborange are just as good and they taste better too.”

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