Britains Worst Serial Killer Arrested

The Merseyside Police Force is currently investigating a local man in connection to a string of disappearances over the last 30 years.

50 year old Albert Fish was arrested at his home on Tuesday evening after a tip off that a string of girlfriends have disappeared under very suspicious circumstances.

Mr Fish who was well known in his neighbourhood for being rather creepy and strange was taken away for questioning late on Tuesday night. We have been informed that his house and garden shed are being searched by forensic investigators for clues to the possible whereabouts of his former partners.

The 50 year old amateur entomologist it has been confirmed had a penchant for and actively groomed girlfriends from the insect world. A list of those that are missing and possibly presumed dead has been released by Merseyside Police. Anyone with information on the missing is asked to contact a designated phone line that has been set up.

Beryl McFly – last seen frequenting the public toilets near Sefton Park, missing since July 1977.

Nancy Waspty – The last sighting was near a plate of creamed scones in June 2007, Colwyn Bay.

Mary the Hornedbeetle- Was last seen being pinned up against a board in Liverpool Museum in May 2009.

Merseyside Police have confirmed that other possible partners/victims are being looked into but as yet no further details can be given due to the nature of the investigation. Forensic officers have taken away numerous possible pieces of evidence since Tuesday night. A very reliable source confirmed that the floorboards of the suspect’s property have been lifted and by all accounts it is looking like “a killing field under there!”.


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