Government Apology Over 2 Year Delay In Condolence Letter

It was announced in parliament by Prime Minister Gordon Brown this week that a further 9, ooo soldiers will be deployed to Afghanistan in the early part of December. This would appear to be in contradiction to President Obama’s announcement that he is looking to start withdrawing American troops as early as 2010.

Also this week a father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan criticised the government after receiving a condolence letter two years after his son died. The Government apologised profusely over the alleged administrative error and confirmed that new measures are being implemented in order to stop any further hurt to the families of military personnel killed in the al theatres of war.

When asked to explain what possible measures would be implemented a government spokesperson confirmed, “We can assure all concerned that we are taking this matter seriously indeed. I can confirm that the families of the soon to be deployed soldiers would in fact be issued with a letter of condolence before they even set foot on Afghan soil. This I can assure you will save on any future admin errors and save the Prime Minister from having to grovel to the house and the public at large over others ineptitude.”

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