Perfect Face Dimensions Measured

Scientists believe they have worked out the dimensions of the most attractive female face.
They say the key to the ideal arrangement of female facial features is the measurements between the eyes, mouth and ears.

The researchers asked students to rate the attractiveness of colour photographs of the same woman’s face, laid out side by side.
Using Photoshop, the researchers altered the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and the horizontal distance between the eyes in each image.
The features themselves never changed, just the distance between them, and the woman’s face was only compared to her own.

Following a series of experiments, the researchers came up with the most attractive length and width ratios between features.

Simon Cowell, we have been informed, was upset to find out that he had lost out on the perfect male face even though he believes he has the X-Factor. “A lot of money has gone in to this face of mine and to miss out to the so called winner is a disgrace. If this had been a show I produce I think the outcome may have been somewhat different.”

Experts said that they are not likely to review their findings for the perfect male face no matter how much money Mr Cowell offers them.

The perfect Female and Male faces are:-

3 Responses to “Perfect Face Dimensions Measured”
  1. Dr Deviant says:

    I think you have it wrong, that's 2 blokes.

  2. Rking says:

    Forget the girls, and the blokes… what about the beautiful toons?

  3. Bacchus says:


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