Britain In Chaos Due To Snow And Ice

Britain remains gripped by sub-zero temperatures after the Met Office recorded the winter’s coldest day yet. The mercury plunged to -22.3C (-8.1F) in the Highland village of Altnaharra and UK temperatures ranged from -10C (14F) to 0C (32F) during Friday.

Roads and pavements remain icy, with salt supplies “stretched”, while thousands of schools are shut. Rail and air travel are the only things not affected by the current icy conditions. British commuters are finding that it is business as usual for this time of year, as they have been stranded in airports and railway stations.

“I wasn’t aware anything was wrong as I often find the railway networks a shambles over the Christmas period. It was only brought to my notice that there had been more delays than usual when I had noticed a missing person poster with my photo on it at the customer information booth. Apparently I have been missing for 3 weeks!” Explained, Mr Brian Atos at St Pancras Station in London.

Severe weather warnings of heavy snow are in place for eastern England.
The weekend could yet be colder, with Arctic conditions forecast to last at least another week.

Newcastle United Fans known for removing their tops at football games no matter what the weather have thrown the gauntlet down and stated it is all a fuss about nothing. ‘Geordie Bill’, an ardent member of the Toon Army said that it was all a big fuss about nothing. So much so he went on to confirm that should the match this weekend not be called off he and his fellow supporters would not only be shirtless but trouser less too.

It has been confirmed that some Motorway hard shoulders are no longer being gritted, with the government prioritising salt for worst-affected regions.
Supplies have been close to running out in some areas, with many councils restricting gritting to major roads.

It has been reported that thieves using a lorry with heavy-lifting gear stole a grit bin with two tonnes of salt intended for streets and footpaths from a road in Newton Mearns, outside Glasgow. Rumours that the stolen grit has been used to flavour Scotch Pies at local bakeries, is unfounded, according to the Scottish Baking Federation.

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