Police Investigate Tracey Emin Art Forgery

Police investigating the possible forgery of artist Tracey Emin’s work has hit a glitch due to the size of the number of claimed forgeries they are being asked to look into. Scotland Yard started their enquiries after concerns were raised over a number of paintings claimed to be by the artist.

Det Sgt Ken Stott said: “We are looking into a number of fakes of her work and our investigations are ongoing.”

Two men were arrested in Manchester due to the investigation but have been given bail.

Emin, 46 who is based in Spittlefields, East London is famous for her 1998 Turner Price Nominated Unmade Bed. This, Scotland Yard confirmed has caused the main reason for its investigation due to the number of possible forgeries under suspicion.

“We appeal to all parents of teenage children or students to stop calling our helpline. Too many have contacted our office after they have walked in to their children’s rooms to find what was once a clean and tidy room an utter mess. This doesn’t mean that they have an art forger under their roof, I can assure them that.” Det Sgt Stott also confirmed.

A team of experts have had to entire the individual rooms concerned to appraise any artistic merit before it can be dismissed. We can confirm that a stuffed parrot nailed to 4 meter rusty pole had been destroyed as a fake after an art museum mistakenly bought the Roman Standard look a like thinking it was work of Miss Emin.

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