Secret Papers 30 Year Rule Reduced To 20

Curvy Women Stimulate Men’s Brains- Shock To Scientists

A shock report this week has confirmed that curvy women stimulate men’s brains the same way drugs and alcohol do. A new study has shown curvaceous hips give men the same high as alcohol or drugs. Considering that sexy curves affect the male brain in the same way illegal drugs do, researchers feel this could … Continue reading

I’m A Crank Get Me Out Of Here

The full might of the British Armed Forces is to be thrown behind getting our cranks out of an Indian hot spot it can be confirmed. A team of Special Forces operatives are on stand by to rescue two British plane spotters arrested in India this week. This was confirmed by a top civil servant … Continue reading

New Car/Movie Tie In To Be Scrapped

Cheryl Cole Confirms Split With Ashley Cole

Sting Defends Show For Uzbekistan’s President

Ed: Surely you mean Loot?

Mansions For Scroungers

SUPER-size families living in local ­authority “mansions” have become Britain’s biggest scroungers, raking in £6million a year from the taxpayer. Brian from Stoke who has been claiming for years was not repentant at all. “I have been living in this place for years and I have no qualms what so ever in claiming money from … Continue reading

Brown To Unveil Labour’s Election Slogan

Cat Government Unhappy With Oppositions Ball Of Wool Tactics

Britain’s Cat government was in disarray today when the majority of its members were enticed to cross to floor of the house of parliament by a large ball of string. Prime Minister Tabby Brown spent the day coughing up hair balls when news of the devious action was brought to his attention. Security is currently … Continue reading

New Toyota Advert Causes Concern

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