Cat Government Unhappy With Oppositions Ball Of Wool Tactics

Britain’s Cat government was in disarray today when the majority of its members were enticed to cross to floor of the house of parliament by a large ball of string. Prime Minister Tabby Brown spent the day coughing up hair balls when news of the devious action was brought to his attention.

Security is currently looking in to how such a large ball of string was smuggled in to the house without being noticed. Seeing as there is a high level of security measures in place at Parliament it should have been impossible for such a large item to go un-noticed.

“This isn’t the first attempt by the opposition to sabotage this government. When a majority vote on the countries constitution was needed someone turned the central heating up. We lost by a sizable amount due to the back benches spending the time curled up asleep near the radiators dotted around the building.” A spokesperson for the Prime Minister confirmed.

A sting of other incidents, have littered the halls of Parliament over the years one political correspondent told the GNT.

A back bencher confirmed, “There is nothing wrong with a good game of cat and mouse amongst opponents provided none of the players are too over zealous and actually eat their opponent by accident.”

The government is still waiting on the findings of an investigation in the incident that marred the last year’s budget speech. The incident happened when a sky light was opened just as the Chancellor of the Exchequer was about to give his keynote speech. A ray of sunlight filled the dispatch box and the Chancellor was seen to quickly fall transfixed to the floor. He then spent the rest of the time permitted for his speech on his back with his legs raised in the air asleep in warmth of the sun. That year a relaxation on the very unpopular Mitten Tax had to be scrapped due to this incident.

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