Mansions For Scroungers

SUPER-size families living in local ­authority “mansions” have become Britain’s biggest scroungers, raking in £6million a year from the taxpayer. Brian from Stoke who has been claiming for years was not repentant at all. “I have been living in this place for years and I have no qualms what so ever in claiming money from the tax payers. If people would rather go to work than sit at home watching day time television that is their hard luck. “

Mary Ramsey a single mother of 10 children from Greater Manchester confirmed that “Most of our relatives are claiming money from the tax payer so why shouldn’t I do the same after all its not my fault some people cannot produce children like I do? I only have to look at a man sideways and I up the chemist for a “Clear Blue testing kit!”

Another example of this new culture of social housing gone wrong is Liz who lives with her Greek husband and extended family in a house located in the City of Westminster.

When asked if she felt wrong in being housed at the tax payers expense she confirmed that she was perplexed by the intensity of the ill feeling being shown to her, and similar families across the country. “I really cannot see what the fuss is all about we may be a small family in comparison but we only have 775 rooms in the house it’s not exactly a palace I can assure you”

A spokesperson for Westminster Council would not comment on individual cases but did say by housing this German/Greek family in the area they are living up to their social inclusion responsibilities by housing ethnic families within the City.

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