Curvy Women Stimulate Men’s Brains- Shock To Scientists

A shock report this week has confirmed that curvy women stimulate men’s brains the same way drugs and alcohol do. A new study has shown curvaceous hips give men the same high as alcohol or drugs.
Considering that sexy curves affect the male brain in the same way illegal drugs do, researchers feel this could lead to some understanding of Adult Film addictions. The scientists who undertook the study have confirmed that they will be investigating further the video evidence they purchased in the adult genre. Many of the team concerned have asked work from home due to the lack of privacy at their head office.

The study scanned the brains of men before and after looking at pictures of naked ladies who had plastic surgery to give them larger hips and bottoms it was reported.
Brain results concluded that seeing curvier women’s pictures triggered the brain’s ‘reward centres’ – which are commonly activated by drugs and alcohol. Hourglass figures with high waist to hip ratios seemed to be the most stimulating.

Chris Smith, 35 from Brighton who is a former alcoholic and drug addict stated upon hearing the news, “To think I could have saved myself and my family years of turmoil and upset by becoming a sex pest, it’s unbelievable. Instead I turned to drugs and alcohol abuse and turned my family against me by lying, cheating and stealing from them. To think all I had to do was pester buxom women in the street to get the same fix this is terrible, I think I need a drink!”

A female spokesperson for the Government commented on the findings, “If this study was carried out by the same male scientists who could not find the female G-Spot lasy year then I think we may have nothing to worry about!”

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