Weekly Horoscopes

Another day of deep thought. What emerges is that you are
God and all your work colleagues must die.

Another socially dynamic day, it’s just a pity you amounted to
nothing in your miserable life and no one will touch you with a bargepole.

Your good looks will fall in to disarray today when the door of opportunity
refuses to open as wide as you expected it to when walking through it.

With Mercury moving through your ‘faraway places’ zone it
may be time to seek medical help. Now!

Home, money, health and wellbeing are flagging up today unfortunately
you are the wrong star sign to enjoy such delights.

At home you feel romance in the air, either because you live in a fantasy
world or just heavily sedated. Wise up you’ve been married to the slob for 35 years
it isn’t going to get any better than this.

New work routines bring fresh inspiration. Your fiendish plot to conquer and divide
could reap rewards at long last or you could just buy that high fat cheese and onion bagel
and save the plotting for another day!

Financially, you could be onto a winner but handling Nazi Gold it is bound to have some pit falls.
A sudden knock on the door could just as likely be Mossad as it could be Avon calling.

You’re in a reflective mood again today so isn’t it about time you put that mirror down and left
your Narcissistic tendencies at home for once?

You realise just how far down the food chain you have become when you come face to face with
that predator you called a wife for 10 years at your divorce hearing today.

What you say or do today will get noticed favourably by the powers-that-be and could just lead
to that lighter prison sentence you have been looking for.

With lots going on around you and people everywhere it may not be the right time to discover you have a gun in your handbag and you need to kill.

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