Schools Ditch Anti-Bullying To Spy On Child Terrorists

Teachers across the country are to cease from pretending to targeting school bullies and pretend to concentrate on school terrorists of the future instead. After years of inactivity when it has come to sorting bullying in schools, the National Union of Teachers (N.U.T.) welcomed the news.

Brian Atos, who works closely with head teachers and the Government in developing future school policies, was quoted as saying, “The Education system has provided the modern school bully with enough inactivity to allow them to roam free to do as they choose and please around our schools. As such it is the perfect time for us to apply the years of experience in lack of support and understanding to the victims of bullying to this new scheme.”

The Government has denied that SAS style training will be provided to teachers who under take this type of surveillance as this will be too costly to fund. Instead a terrorist surveillance co-ordinator will be provided a suitably signed office in each school.

Clare Baines, headmistress at a school in Chester had this to say on the matter, “Any pupil who feels they may want to blow up more than the chemistry laboratory will have somewhere to go other than a police station. The pupil or pupils concerned will be able to drop in and discuss their fundamentalism freely over a cup of tea or glass of milk and a biscuit with a member of staff. This can only be good for the country as well for the children’s teachers as they will have fewer brats to deal with due to the pupil’s absence.”

Human Rights campaigners have raised concerns over the recent announcement. They feel that providing future terrorist at such an early age with a designated place to offload their fundamental feelings may be denying them their Human Rights. They have stated that this may result in the children being stopped from going on to blow up victims later on in life.

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