North Korean torpedo ‘hit by South Korean ship ’

The sinking of a North Korean torpedo last month was caused by a South Korean naval ship a North Korean news agency claimed yesterday — which could be one of the worst acts of military provocation since the Korean War.

The sinking of the torpedo by the corvette Cheonan on March 26 was a deliberate and unprovoked attack off Baengnyeong Island, close to the disputed sea border between the rivals.

President Kim Jong Il is believed to be very unhappy with the news and is looking to make his people suffer even further than they already do, just to make himself feel better. Officials state that this is not the first time that South Korea has deliberately tried to attack the North’s peace loving missiles. A series of peaceful military hardware owned by North Korea has been destroyed by South Korea over the years.

The United Nations has confirmed it is too busy turning a blind eye on other things across the world to be bothered sorting matters out in Korea. But a representative did state that it was a good job the two countries were not playing each other in this years World Cup as it may have been difficult getting a ticket for the game.

President Lee Myung Bak of South Korea confirmed that the incident happened but appears to be struggling to find an appropriate response that will demonstrate its resolve in the face of the recent accusation. ” It would be better all round if a sequel to Team America could be made then at least the ailing Kim Jong Il would have something to keep his mind off the incident.” confirmed President Bak.

Experts at Jane’s Defence Weekly Magazine have confirmed that it is unlikely that another Team America film would be made due to spiralling costs in the strings for puppets.

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