Kelly Osbourne Caught In ‘Slimming’ Spray Talent Controversy

Kelly Osbourne caught in ‘slimming’ spray talent controversy

Kelly Osbourne has been thrown in the centre of controversy after becoming the face of a fake talent advert, claiming the product increased her “A” list celebrity status and made her appear almost talented.

The 25-year-old appears in the advert as blonde and exuberant with singing, acting and chat show hosting talent.

Suggesting that the fake talent spray not only makes you browner but also appear glitzier, Kelly says in the ad: “I looked classier, I looked like a million dollar star, and I started to look at myself a far superior than all the other so called stars.”

The campaign then came under scrutiny for being endorsed by The Prince’s Trust, which Miss Osbourne is an ambassador for and is aimed to help disillusioned want to be’s .
The trust abandoned the campaign on Monday though, after parents’ pressure group Get-A-Life Z Listers, attacked the manufacturer of the product over its marketing ploy, a national newspaper has reported.
“Telling impressionable young girls that using spray talent and appearing on a reality TV show is the way to make you feel better is totally wrong in my book. After all look where it got me!”, Darren Day confirmed.

Other products that Miss Osbourne was due to promote, “Delusions of Grandeur” and “Self Harm” are now to be shelved until a time that pressure groups are banned buy law.
The complaint led The Prince’s Trust to drop its support for the campaign but said that the manufacturer would still donate £10 to the charity for every £45 bottle sold.

Well that makes it all ok then! (Ed.)
2 Responses to “Kelly Osbourne Caught In ‘Slimming’ Spray Talent Controversy”
  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, have you seen the facebook group 'vandalised conservative billboards'? Reminds me of your site……… if not, check it out it's funny, i must admit i've longed to graffiti one of them myself but didn't have the bottle haha

  2. greg says:

    thanks for leaving your comment much appreciated

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