Spector Releases New Album

Pioneering music producer and convicted killer Phil Spector has released his first album in 30 years, his publicist has said.
The 70-year-old, in prison for the 2003 shooting of a Hollywood actress, produced the tracks for the record during his two murder trials.
BANGED UP IN THE SHOWER is his first album in 30 years. With song titles like “Glory Hole Moaning” and “Pretending it’s a Lollypop won’t take the taste away” and “You’re my bitch now! So bend over and touch your toes” the record industry is claiming it is his best work yet.
Spector is best known for creating the distinctive Wall of Sound technique and for some of the most memorable pop hits of the 1960s for acts like Tina Turner, the Ronettes and the Righteous Brothers.
Record producer Randy Burns had this to say about the new production by the legendry producer, “It is a fantastic production. Wall of sound! You can almost hear the screaming coming off each track. If I was honest it sounds like Phil was begging for his life on some of the tracks. The screaming is that realistic it made my sphincter tighten up like a miser’s fist.”
Other songs on the album are “Shiv Talking” “I am not even safe when the lights go out”, “Screaming for your mommy won’t stop the bleeding” and “He-She, it’s all the same to Clem.”
The album will be released digitally on 8 June. Mr Spector worked on the album for more than two years between his first trial – which ended in a mistrial in 2007 – and his second, which resulted in a conviction last year. It is unclear if the aging record producer will see his new album reach the charts after word gets out in the prison.

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