Government Refuses To Turn Up For Work Unless Labour Party Removed from Opposition Benches First

The Nation was shocked yesterday when the government asked that an amendment to the normal procedure for Prime Ministers question time be made.

It would appear that the Coalition Government are refusing to attend the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Question Time unless the entire opposition are removed first.

In a week of the Queen’s Speech a Downing Street spokesman said it questioned the appearance of the entire Labour Party on the opposite side of the house. “Particularly when they intend to ask questions about our policies and our intended spending cuts.”

Former spin doctor Alistair Campbell upon hearing the news was amazed at the government’s stupidity over the matter. “How can they ask such a thing? We in the Labour party have had to endure 13 years as a government looking across the house at the likes of Ann Widdecombe and Nicholas Soames and we didn’t complain.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was too busy sorting out his wife’s new expensive kitchen to give a proper response to the up roar that has been caused over his government’s request.

He did add however, “I cannot see what the ruddy fuss is all about. Surely not having to look at all the nasty little toadies on the opposite side of the house isn’t too much to ask for? Anyway, cannot stop as I am still trying to work out with the Chancellor how best to slip the costs for the wife’s new kitchen in to the 6.2 Billion saving cuts.”

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