Office Worker Attracts Loner As His Toilet Buddy

Office worker mysteriously develops same toilet schedule with strange loner in the next office we can report today. In one of those quirky unplanned ways Jim Bowman an administration officer at a busy city office has developed a new toilet buddy without even trying.
Jim who has been employed at the same firm for the last six years only realised what had happened after fellow co-workers started sniggering behind his back whenever he left his desk to visit the toilets. He suddenly realised he was sharing more than just an employer when his regular toilet patten meant he was bumping in to Steve at least four to five times a day.
Steve Turner, 48 year old confirmed bachelor and full time freak was delighted last Friday to realise he had a new toilet buddy. He confirmed he liked the idea of someone to talk to at the urinals in the 6th floor men’s toilets as most people just ignore him or tend to urinate on his shoes.
“It is strange to think two individuals can suddenly find they need a wee or a phoo at the same time each and every day. Sure, we are only at the small talk stage over the urinal divide but I can just tell things are developing the more we meet up. We almost talked about football but someone else came in and the moment was gone.”
“My last toilet buddy died under mysterious circumstances at my last place of work. In a way it is just great to know that I have a new buddy to empty my bladder with each day. I am even thinking of bringing in some food in to the toilet next time. That should put him at ease!” Steve explained.
Jim, we have been informed has tried to hold on at his desk for as long as he can this week. “I have tried to stagger the visits since realising what was happening. unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to be working. If I go earlier he is there and the same if I go late. It’s like he has control over when I want to go for a pee.”
Human Resources at the office confirmed that this type of pattern is not under their jurisdiction and definitely not something they want to handle themselves.

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