Cockroaches set to be the Food Critics of the future

Cockroaches “recommend” good food sources to each other by communicating in chemicals, according to scientists.

The study, carried out by a team from Queen Mary, University of London, helps explain why the creatures are often found feeding en masse in our kitchens late at night.

Dr Ken Stott from Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences led the research. He pointed out that people tend to “kill cockroaches rather than study them”. “I can understand that, but it means we don’t know very much about their behaviour. What’s wrong with letting the little darlings vomit all over your food? At least you will know if you are a good cook or not.”

It was generally accepted that the insects foraged individually, “but that’s definitely not true,” said Dr Stott. “Anyone who has cockroaches in their home will tell you that they often see them in groups. I have thousands of them in my home and they can be very social dinner guests. In fact, they simply cannot get enough of my home made Pate’ de foie gras!”

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey had this to say on the recent findings, “I always knew food critics were a bunch of dirty mouthed cockroaches now F off!”

The culinary world has yet to embrace the idea of allowing cockroaches to test their food. However, The City of Westminster Food Standards Agency confirmed that Jimmy’s Restaurant on the Edgeware Road, London has been allowing cockroaches into their restaurant in the last two years. This has been whether their patrons like it or not.

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