Dawkins : God Gives You Cancer

A new book published today by leading academic and celebrity atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins will sensationally reveal that the number one cause of cancer in humans and animals is belief in organised religion.   Dr. Dawkins’ controversially states in his latest release ‘I’m Right, You’re Wrong. And You’re Stupid’ that humans could live forever by evolving … Continue reading

Level 1000 Mafia Wars Player Now Wondering Where His Life Has Gone

A British man who has just been promoted to a level 1000 in Mafia Wars is now wondering were all his life has gone. Jimmy “Chicken Legs” Brown was walking on air yesterday evening when he achieved his ultimate wish by becoming a level 1000 Mafia Boss. The elation however, didn’t last long after he … Continue reading

Mystery Bidder Pays 190 Grand for Diana Dress

  A dress that marked the transformation of the lowly Lady Diana Spencer from a shy society girl to the consort of the future king, the Queen of Hearts, Patron Saint of the Daily Express and Saviour of the Universe has sold for £192,000. The dress, which had been expected to sell for £50,000, was … Continue reading

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