Dawkins : God Gives You Cancer

A new book published today by leading academic and celebrity atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins will sensationally reveal that the number one cause of cancer in humans and animals is belief in organised religion. 

 Dr. Dawkins’ controversially states in his latest release ‘I’m Right, You’re Wrong. And You’re Stupid’ that humans could live forever by evolving super powers if they would only renounce their belief in their Gods.

Dawkins argues “Take cancer if you will. Now if we were all highly-evolved super-powered future humans, it wouldn’t even be as dangerous as a slightly snotty nose. Therefore, it stands to reason that your God-addiction is the only thing that is giving you serious cancer. I have checked this out scientifically and it is true.”

 We contacted Dr. Dawkins at his London home today to ask him whether or not these outlandish claims were nought but cheap yet effective means of attracting publicity. He replied “Well, yes of course. No-one can, or indeed, should, take these claims seriously. And yet they are still not as ridiculous as anything you may read in the Daily Mail.”

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