Exclusive Photo’s Of “Taliban TV’s” New Quiz Game

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries Today will see you in two minds as to what you should do with your life. However, I am not quite sure crack or cocaine is the wisest of choices. Leo Your artistic streak comes to the fore today when you have the opportunity to spray-paint what you really think of your next door … Continue reading

Parishioner Shocked Jesus Appears In Church

Jesus shocks church goers by appearing during a church meeting and not on a slice of cheese or a coffee cup stain. Congregation at the church which witnessed the apparition were still recovering last night from it all. “It has shocked me I don’t mind telling you!” Mrs Mary Robinson confirmed. “One minute I was … Continue reading

Rank News At The Movies: Alternative Poster

Brokeback Coalition Outed By David Davis

David Cameron was last night facing a mounting backlash over his power deal with Nick Clegg after Conservative MP David Davis allegedly ridiculed the partnership as the ‘Brokeback Coalition’. The Right-winger won the private backing of some Tory MPs after reportedly comparing the link-up with the Liberal Democrats to Brokeback Mountain, the Oscar-winning film about … Continue reading

Vile Racist Bigot Meets The Queen

Twilight Movie ‘A Disgrace’ Says Polanski

Contoversial director Roman Polanski yesterday made his first public comment in more than a year to express his disgust at the new Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Anfield Aura Key To Cole Decision To Sign For Liverpool

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries You find you and one other are the last surviving humans on the planet this week.No it isn’t Brad Pitt but that weirdo on the 9th Floor. Once you get beyond the teeth and bad breath and his squint then love will surely win the day. Leo You get the opportunity to fly the … Continue reading

Norse God Odin To Publicly Endorse Nick Griffin’s Party

Odin god of the Norse men is due to declare the British National Party as the only party for the British Arian Right, news reports have claimed today. After a year of ups and downs the B N P has found a guardian in the shape of an ancient mythological god who truly believes in … Continue reading

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