Camping No Longer For Heterosexuals Survey Concludes

Heterosexual men are still refusing to go camping according to a recent survey has concluded. Words like camp bed, camp fire and camping are being shunned by many for more manly words like outdoor living, airbed’s and bonfires.

The nation’s favourite sayings are on the wane as heterosexual men refuse to use the “C “word anymore due to it possibly tainting their masculinity.

 One person who has shunned such activities since his teens, Harry Flint had this to say on the issue, “Well its wrong isn’t it! I learnt from an early age that no self respecting man should be calling themselves a “Happy Camper” what kind of example is that to our children? Adventurer is a far better description if you ask me.”

 “The last time I used the word camp bed I was laughed at mercilessly by my friends who promptly put on a camp voice and shouted things like, “ooh! Are you going to slip in to the camp love? Do you enter the back way or the front?”

Even in the world of politics the “C” word has been misconstrued. According to official memo’s President Obama was very reluctant to say on American Television that had had entered Camp David quite a few times over the course of a weekend. This was during peace negotiations with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in the first few months of his presidency.

According to sources some within the Republican Party are still trying to trace a man called David to see if any laws were broken in order to remove the President from office.

 Peter Tatchell said, “Heterosexuals can change the words all they want but at the end of the day they are just stonewalling and it is an out rage.”

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