Naomi Campbell Offers To Take Blairs Blood Money If Legion Declines

Model Naomi Campbell has confirmed she will take the alleged “Blood Money” former Prime Minister Tony Blair has offered to charity.

Tony Blair is to give the profits from his memoirs to a sports centre for injured soldiers. A spokesman said Mr Blair would hand over the reported £4m advance payment plus all royalties to honour “their courage and sacrifice”.

The Royal British Legion will receive the money after the book, A Journey, is published next month.

Some have declared that the proceeds are nothing more than blood money and shouldn’t be accepted. However, the money is to be the biggest single donation ever received by the Legion, and will go towards the £25m Battle Back Challenge Centre, due to open in summer 2012.

Naomi Campbell who has recently given evidence at The Hague recently over the alleged “Blood Diamond” incident has confirmed that she will gladly take the money if no one else wants it.

“I would love to have it as it can pay for the law suits any future staff may take out against me. Besides which I am running out of diamond encrusted mobile phones to throw at them to be honest with you. If Mr Blair wants I can swap them with a few dirty looking diamonds I have at home he contact me on my mobile number, that’s if I haven’t thrown it somewhere.”

Brian Sprat, 45-year-old greengrocer from Stains, confirmed that the model walked in to his shop this week but didn’t take him up on an offer he had put to the her.

“I offered her a couple of blood oranges from my shop for free but she didn’t seem that interested. She walked off after spending twenty minutes in my shop and merely bought a couple of kumquat and a rather large Navel Java.”

Tony Blair has not confirmed if he would consider giving the money to Miss Campbell should the British Legion decline is offer. We can confirm that extra security requested called for to protect Mr Blair should any negative response be issued to Miss Campbell on the Blood Money issue.

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