Cameron’s Renting Out Notting Hill House But Not To Gypsies

Housing Reforms Is Going To Be Hard On Some But Not All

David and Samantha Cameron are pocketing up to £6,000 a month by renting out their London home while they live in No 10.

The couple have decided to cash in on the luxury London property market by letting their £2.7million house in Notting Hill. They will receive £72,000 a year renting out the Notting Hill property according to news reports.

Mr Cameron was happy about becoming a landlord as it will solve the problem over security at their home had they continued to live there.

Housing Reforms

The news follows the recent announcement that the coalition government plan new housing reforms that could affect hundreds of thousands of tenants across the country.

Mr Cameron spoke on his new role as a landlord this morning to awaiting journalists.

“The money will come in handy during this current economic crisis we are going through I can tell you.”

Mr Cameron wished to dispel rumours around the renting out of his family home.

“I would like to assure my neighbours that rumours that we are renting our family home out to a council estate family or a group of Gypsies are all untrue. I can understand people’s concerns over the current plans for housing reforms but I wont be allowing anyone affected by the reforms to move in to our house. Besides which, I certainly don’t want anyone robbing our fixtures and fittings or defecate up our walls I can assure you.”

Close neighbour to the Cameron’s in Notting Hill, Hillary Galbraith voiced her concerns over the renting issue.

“That’s all we need is a group of tenants from Peckham moving in. The next thing we will see will be an ALDI or LIDl shop opening up in the area!”

A Caravan pulled up outside the Notting Hill address on Thursday morning but it is was merely been a tourist whose satnav had given them the wrong directions.

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