Rumours Over Ground Zero Mosque Confirmed True

Mosques Protests New York

Controversy surrounding the proposed site for a Muslim Centre near the Ground Zero ended in protest in New York City yesterday. Our exclusive photo confirms that New Yorker’s have plenty to worry about as it confirms that a  Mecca Bingo Hall is in fact due to open shortly. Related Articles “Mosque” Protestors Harass Man They … Continue reading

Kennedy’s Defection Is Absolute Rubbish

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has flatly denied rumours that he is defecting from Glenfidditch Whisky to Glenmorangie Whisky. Close friends have been aware that Mr Kennedy was concerned over the direction his favourite tipple has gone. The long serving MP is angry over the possible coalition between the Glenfidditch and Grants Whisky labels. Absolute rubbish … Continue reading

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