Kennedy’s Defection Is Absolute Rubbish

Charles Kennedy MP

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has flatly denied rumours that he is defecting from Glenfidditch Whisky to Glenmorangie Whisky.

Close friends have been aware that Mr Kennedy was concerned over the direction his favourite tipple has gone. The long serving MP is angry over the possible coalition between the Glenfidditch and Grants Whisky labels.

Absolute rubbish

‘It is absolutely rubbish,’ he told Scotland’s Sunday Mail newspaper. ‘I am not jumping ship I can hardly walk some days never mind jump. ‘I can with every ounce of conviction confirm that I have not had any discussion with members of the Glenmorangie fan club. I will leave this world feet first in the merry knowledge that my Glenfidditch membership card is in my pocket. It staggers me, the rumours that is, that such claims are being made when there is no iota of truth in the matter.’

A colleague of Mr Kennedy stated yesterday that Charles had been embarrassed over the matter but also confirmed the redness to Mr Kennedy’s cheeks was not due to any alcoholic abuse but merely due to the years of being a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

Angus Finlayson member of the Glenmorangie Whisky Foundation said: There is a widespread unhappiness among some Glenfidditch drinkers upset over the way a possible coalition is going. I think there is a real chance of welcoming Glenfidditch drinkers over to our organisation.

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