American Home Sales Drop By 12.4%

As American home sales drop by 12.4%. Reports confirm that President Obama is looking to save more on government expenses. Related Articles Horrible Housing News ( New home sales fall 12% in July, down 32% from last year ( US new home sales in sharp fall ( New Home Sales Plunge 12.4% to All-Time Low in … Continue reading

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries Narcolepsy causes problems this week when your new job driving a school bus on a busy motorway gets a little bit messy to say the least. Leo Gruff looking men keep stopping you and asking you the strangest of questions. It may be a good idea to stop meeting your friends near the area … Continue reading

1 in 5 Americans now think Obama is a lesbian space werewolf

  A shocking survey today reveals that a staggering 1 in 5 Americans now believe that not only is President Obama not an American but that he is actually not even a heterosexual human Earthling.   The survey, undertaken by leading internet pollsters Poll-ari, was commissioned to investigate to what extent the American public believed … Continue reading

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