Fox News Purity Rings On Sale Now

Fox News Purity Ring

Keeping Americans Scared

Fox News is starting a Purity campaign in a push to keep President Obama at the forefront of any blame for America’s woes. Support for the campaign across America is growing every day.

Everyone knows Obama is Satan disguised as a Muslim disguised as our President,” said former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  ” I am backing Fox News Purity Ring Campaign and have purchased rings for my own children. I am not sure how long my daughter Bristol will have hers on for but if keeps Muslims out of the White House then I will be nailing it on her finger.”

Fox presenter Greta Van Susteren said that she is backing the campaign. “I see nothing in any young man giving his girlfriend something to slip on her finger to keep her purity in tact. It’s up to you all to buy one and show Obama your ring before it is too late!”

The lies surrounding an alleged Iranian nuclear silo earmarked for a site opposite Ground Zero is another reason for Americans to wear their purity rings announced former president George Bush.

Keep Pure and Obama Away From Your Door – No self-righteous Red-neck should be without one.

Fox News Purity Rings on general sale now

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