The Sly Digs Cartoon

The Sly Digs A cartoon looking at every day life. Today we go behind the scenes of British politics.

North Korea Releases First Photo Of Kim Jong-Un

Exclusive photograph of Kim Jong-Un released by North Korea.

David Miliband Quits Shadow Cabinet Over Angel Delight Snub

  David Miliband has announced today that he is not prepared to serve under his brother Ed and that he intends to retire from front-line Labour politics. The Shadow Foreign Secretary, who had been the overwhelming favourite to win the Labour leadership race right up until last Saturday, denied that his decision was a personal reaction … Continue reading

News In Brief:Bed Bugs Eating In Tonight

Ainsworth, Nebraska: That group of bed bugs Peter Abramovich has tried to ignore all week are sure looking forward to spending some more quality time with him when he turns in for the night. From his deluxe King Sized bed they watch in anticipation as the reluctant Mr Abramovich slowly slipped between the luxury fitted sheets for … Continue reading

Americans To Give Up Cancer Treatment After Presidential Quote

Americans have welcomed a quote by President Obama in the book ‘Obama’s War’ by Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer, in which he confirmed where the cancer is. ‘We need to make it clear… the cancer is in Pakistan’ Maurine Swartz, a 43 year-old mother of three from Fort Wayne, Indiana welcomed the news after recent … Continue reading

Newspaper Readers Shocked At Immigrant Burial

Both Daily Mail and Daily Express readers were shocked today to find that the body recently found by archaeologists near Stonehenge was not of British extraction. A million visitors from around the world flock to Stonehenge every year. But the monument’s status as an international attraction is nothing new. Yesterday scientists said the stones were attracting overseas tourists … Continue reading

At The Movies: Edward Scissorhands

The Rank News alternative movie posters. Today we look at this weeks Labour Party Conference and their new elected Party Leader Ed Miliband.

Segway Death: What Do You Think?

After the death of Segway boss on Sunday we ask your thoughts on the matter…..

Mayan Prophesy Contingency Date Maybe Required

End of the world believers are to meet up in the next 6 months to iron out a contingency plan should 2012 come and go without a whimper it was announced today. Followers of the Mayan prophesy are looking forward to the convention to be held in New Orleans mid February 2011 organisers have confirmed. … Continue reading

The Rank News Magazine 25 September 2010

The Rank News Magazine: Full of the latest news, views and gossip. The Daily Express calls for a ban on dangerous foxes from wearing Burkas.

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