Suspected Road Sweepers Accussed Of Sweeping

road sweeper

After last weekend’s dramatic raids by Anti-Terrorist Units on suspected road cleaners, the Metropolitan Police have called for diligence by the general public.

In a series of raids on a council depot in the capital as well as homes of the suspects, police took away various items in clear plastic bags. These items we are informed are now being inspected by forensic experts at an undisclosed laboratory.

An inside source at Scotland Yard has confirmed that traces of dust and general debris has so far been found on a yard brush and a shovel used by the road cleaners.

Deputy Chief Inspector Sir Ken Stott gave a brief interview on the arrests after he had met the Prime Minister at Downing Street this morning.

“I can confirm that several men were arrested last weekend suspected of maliciously attempting to clean the streets of the capital. We were alerted to the matter by a conscientious citizen who happened to over hear the group of cleaners discus plans to clean the city streets. I call upon the citizens of this country to keep a watch for any other groups of people who may be in the process of or possibly planning further acts of road sweeping!”

The Prime Ministers spokesman confirmed, “With the visit of his holiness Pope Benedict to the capital it appears that there was a need to act quickly on this matter. I am sure you can all understand such acts of wanton cleaning could possibly have put the Pope’s life in jeopardy. The Prime Minister would like to thank Sir Ken, the Metropolitan Police as well as the Anti-Terrorist Units for keeping the Capitals streets as rubbish strewn as Londoners are so used to seeing.”

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