Americans To Give Up Cancer Treatment After Presidential Quote


Americans have welcomed a quote by President Obama in the book ‘Obama’s War’ by Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer, in which he confirmed where the cancer is.

‘We need to make it clear… the cancer is in Pakistan’

Maurine Swartz, a 43 year-old mother of three from Fort Wayne, Indiana welcomed the news after recent concerns over her health. ” It is wonderful hearing the President confirm where the cancer is. I have been in and out of hospital for months now with suspected cancer but my physician couldn’t find any trace of it. At least now I can save on my Health Care Insurance. Is President Obama a fully qualified physician by any chance?”

Harry Stockdale, 57 year old trucker from Tallahassee, Florida was shocked at the news.       ” Trust a god damn Democrat to keep that information to himself. However, now I know where it is I am now no longer going to my referral at the hospital. I have never set foot in Pakistan in my entire life so I cannot be suffering from cancer in my throat!”

Rumours that President Obama may apply to become the Surgeon General after his term in office have been denied by the White House.

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