Weekly Horoscopes 4-8 October 2010

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Your dreams of being rich and famous haven’t quite turned out the way you wanted them to have they? Perhaps poor and infamous will have to do after you receive an 18 year prison sentence for murder.


Being at the top of the food chain keeps you feeling smug today but wait till tomorrow when your trapped in a pit full of mad hungry wolves, lets see who is smiling then.


Don’t let your fondness for harming people get in the way of your nursing career, after all your Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy condition will just go to waste.


You seek solace in the arms of a stranger today which could lead to a sticky ending. It is Victorian England after all and seeing as you reside in the East End it would be wise to choose your strangers well.


You will achieve more today than you did for the whole of last month but this may have something to do with the last written warning from your line manager than a real willingness to do any actual work.


Your earth element is making it hard for you to get away right now. I guess it was unwise to tackle that broken electrical wire with a pair of scissors.


An interesting offer comes your way later today. Just remember, if you wake up tied and gagged in a whore house in Albania you have only yourself to blame.


You’re not getting answers from a close one. It’s probably best that you ring an ambulance right now as that attempt at pleasure through asphyxiation may not have been as good as you first thought it was last night.


People are pointing fingers at you and you’re not quite sure why. It would be wise to take another look at that film you sent in to ‘You’ve Been Framed’ last week as it will soon dawn on you why.


Do you know that feeling when you just cannot get out of bed in the morning and you are permanently exhausted and feeling ill? Well in your case that will be the chemotherapy and not just because you are a lazy good for nothing benefit cheat.


Believe nothing you see or hear today as those around you are just a bunch of sycophants and cannot wait to see you fall right on your ass.


Dog Breeding is your life’s passion. But not even you will be able to explain how your current clients Golden Retriever Trixie has managed to have a litter of puppies that all look exactly like you?

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