Police To Come To Dogger’s Aid New Report Confirms

Police in Scotland we have learnt have been ordered to protect ‘Doggers’ indulging in outdoor sex with strangers from hate crime.

It appears that police have been ordered to stop anyone taking in part in illegal outdoor sex being abused or verbally taunted as it can cause them to suffer post traumatic stress.

An extraordinary new Hate Crime Guidance Manual has been handed to officers telling them to arrest anyone suspected of committing a hate crime against those engaged in ‘dogging’. Experts have confirmed that this could turn out to be very problematic for offices due to the compromising position this new rule will place them in.

The manual, issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers of Scotland last week, states that people who take part in open-air sex are ‘more susceptible to hate crime’ and can suffer ‘post traumatic stress and depression’ if they are abused, Police Review revealed.

Dr Ken Stott, an expert in criminal law from Dundee University confirmed has reservations over this matter.

“The problem police force will have is that in order to comply with the protection of ‘Dogger’s’ officers would have to be present at the time of the activity occurring. Otherwise, if they are not present then they are unlikely to be able to apprehend any such abusers.”

“Seeing as it is unlawful to participate in outdoor sex no doubt the police at the scene would also be required to then arrest the ‘Dogger’s’ as well as the abusers. As this would also result in the police taking on a voyeuristic role in the whole affair surely then this would mean they too would have to be arrested for being ‘Peeping Tom’s’. I can see this situation blowing up in the Scottish Constabularies face.”

Whilst complaints regarding consensual public sex must be considered and responded to, it must also be noted that people engaging in such activity are potential targets for hate crime perpetrators.

‘ John McBride, 45 yea old Bank Manager from Inverness who wishes to remain anonymous was himself a former active participant in the field of ‘Dogging’ but after abuse he has turned his back on the sport. “I used to love it, in fact I couldn’t get enough of it but once the abuse started my life became a nightmare. Being labeled ‘Wee Willie McBride’ by some onlookers deflated more than just my ego.”

Chief Constable Ian Carmichael, of Scotland’s Northern Constabulary – which patrols the Scottish Highlands – said: ‘Hate crime divides our communities and has a devastating effect on victims, their family members and the wider community. ‘Dogging should be viewed upon not as a crime but as means to bringing our community together.”

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