Cherie To Sell More On Ebay

Cherie Blair is selling her husband Tony on Ebay after finding him cluttering the space under her stairs. Unfortunately with only hours to go she has had no bidders so far. Ebay are looking in to the matter after complaints have been made about alleged goods tainted with blood money. Some have  asked that they be … Continue reading

David Cameron Denies A ‘Social Cleansing’ Policy

Prime Minister Cameron denied today that he planned to rid London of its poor. The  planned changes to housing benefit, announced in last week’s Spending Review, has been claimed could affect an estimated 17,000 people in London if introduced in full. Several London-based MPs have attacked the proposed new caps, due to come into effect … Continue reading

Thousands Of Men To Claim They Also Groped Whilst Asleep

Thousands of men are queuing up to claim that they too have the ‘Sexsomania’ condition after a 33 year old from London was cleared of sexual assault. The 33 year-old window fitter from London was cleared of sexual assault today after he claimed he was suffering from the rare medical condition ‘sexsomnia’ – sexual activity … Continue reading

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