Jeffrey Archer Defects To Labour Party

The greasy lying hatemongering little rat yesterday


Controversial Conservative peer Lord Jeffrey Archer has today announced that he is quitting the Tories and joining the Labour Party.

The millionaire novelist’s shock decision is thought to have come about as a result of the news that earlier this week many backbench Labour MPs angrily attacked the Party’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman for suspending the disgraced former Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.

Convicted perjuror and lifelong fantasist Archer explained that “High Court Judges clearly ruled that Phil Woolas told outright lies to smear his opponent in a poisonous and underhand campaign to hold onto his parliamentary seat at the last election.

And yet his colleagues within the party, rather than punish him for such blatant malfeasance, have decided that, after weighing up all of the evidence, they wish to support him, nay celebrate him as a sort of underdog figure battling bravely against the stuffy establishment with their archaic rules about telling the truth and other such nonsense. It was at that moment that I realised that these were my kind of people.”

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